CLEANCUT Intimate Sensitive Area Shaver Designed for Men and Women

- for the Best Results for Personal Shaving

- A Bikini Trimmer for Women and Hair Removal Shaver for Men


Designed and Engineered to be used for Personal Shaving without nicking or cutting. The outer foil, made of nickel alloy with Palladium coating, gives a suplle and gentle feeling to the skin.


|Use for Underarms, Bikini Line, French "landing strip" or even a Brazilian "take it all off" style.

|Classic Styling with Turned "Stainless Steel" finish.

|Quality Product Made in Japan.


The ES412 Cleancut Shaver can be used safely for Personal Shaving by both men and women. No electric shaver (face shaver or personal shaver) will cut hair longer than a stubble. For hair longer than a stubble, either blade shave first or purchase Model PS334 or PS335


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ES412  |  $55.00

Color: Silver

Accessories: Brush

Replacement Parts (sold separately): K30SP (Outer foil - Inner blade set)


Batter Operated (R14 dry batter, 1pc)


PS335  |  $25.00

Color: White

Accessories: Dry Batter (R6, 1pc)


Batter Operated (R14 dry batter, 1pc)


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"Just writing back to let you know this thing is incredible. Cleanest, easiest shave I've ever experienced. I've already made recommendations to every woman I know. Thanks."


"My wife (who has a Feather Touch) received her Cleancut a couple of weeks ago (again the next day via std. shipping!) and it's exactly as you describe on the website. It is a superior machine. It runs more smoothly and is more effective by a significant amount. We are very pleased with it! "


I had pre-cut my area per your recommendations and utilized the baby powder....not one nick or cut at all.....painless and so smooth.....just like a baby's butt....it will be so easy to maintain with the Cleancut too....."


"I really love the Cleancut. I continue to use it regularly and it continues to impress me. It is so clear that it does a better job than the Feather Touch."


"Works great, I'm thrilled with everything!"


Yes, much, much better...the Cleancut is a lot sturdier than the Midas Touch. You can hear the difference when you turn it on. And I see what you mean on your site about a LITTLE bit of powder...I'm impressed! Thanks again!"


"Hello and thanks so much for sending my Cleancut so quickly! As someone who has "shaved down there" for nearly 15 years I have battled the razor burn and endured the pain of waxing with a somewhat begrudging attitude. I love the look and feel of being bare (especially in the summer) but had never taken the plunge into electric shavers because I'd heard they were somewhat unwieldy for getting to those hard to reach places. I have just finished trying my Cleancut for the first time and I'm truly impressed by the results. I think my prickly razor burned/wax rashed days are over. What a super convenient, super effective product! Just wanted to thank you for the speedy service and for the great product!"


"I had been using a Feather Touch for several months and about six weeks ago I began using the Cleancut. The difference was apparent right away. I immediately noticed that the Cleancut is quieter, faster and, most importantly to me, gives a closer cut than the Feather Touch. The Cleancut was also surprisingly good at cutting areas that the Feather Touch wasn't able to do well at all. Also, I had not had much of a problem with the kind of nicking that some people had with the Feather Touch, though it did happen a little, but it has never happened with the Cleancut. So even though I was satisfied with the Feather Touch, I am much more pleased with the Cleancut. It is amazing that even though they look virtually identical, the definitely perform differently."




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