The magical thread is a high-technology Japanese product. A single ANYTIME towel is 1/2 the size of a regular bath towel, but has the ability to work and absorb the same amount as full sized towels. 50% lighter and softer than any towels, the ANYTIME towel is hypoallergenic.


|“Air Kaol” is made of magic twisted yarn, it contains a great volume of air which makes it fluffy and soft even after many washings. In fact, it turns softer and thicker the more it is washed!

|“Air Kaol” can absorb 60% more water than normal towels.

|“Air Kaol Deo” eliminates strong odor in little time.

|Wash colors separately/no bleach. Laundry net bag recommended when washing.


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A single ANYTIME towel is 1/2 the size of a regular bath towel, but has the ability to dry off your entire body as well as your hair. the amazing water absorption of the magical thread allows Air Kaol to be created at 1/2 size.


Left: Regular Towel sample | Right: AirKaol Towel sample



Left 2 photos: weight of regular towels vs ANYTIME towels.

Right 2 photos: size of ANYTIME towels before washing vs after 50 washes.


ANTYIME is 50% lighter than other towels of comparable size and softer (top left). It loses 4 times less thread than regular towels making it hypoallergenic, perfect for women, sensitive babies and those with asthma.


The more you wash, the softer this magical thread becomes. The difference is clear when comparing the two pictures (top right). After 50 washes, the ANYTIME twoel gets fluffier! Since ANYTIME is 1/2 size, it takes half the effort to wash, saving on water, detergent and electricity.


AirKaol's Lineup


|Face | $18.25

 Size: 32 cm x 85 cm

 Colors: White, Ocean Blue


|Anytime | $26.50

 Size: 32 cm x 120 cm

 Colors: White, Ocean Blue


|Bath | $50.00

 Size: 60 cm x 120 cm

 Colors: White





History of the AirKaol


The magical thread is a high-technology Japanese product. The Japanese textile industry's offshore production has completely changed since the industrial period, during which time Japan had no technology they could be proud of. However, there was a company in a small town whose aim was to make a unique product using innovative technology. The Japanese government backed up the company financially and with the money, the "magical thread project" was born. Using the thread to its full potential, the company created the magic towel. After more than 4,000 trials over a period of about 2 years, the manufacturing of the towel was completed.


"The Magic Towel --- Air Kaol" was authorized by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The "magical thread project" was achieved through the cooperation and planning of three companies who represented Japan. Only KURARAY can make thread that dissolves quickly in water. ASANONENSHI Co., LTD became the foundation of the project and created the world's first compound twisted thread technology. This means they succeeded in twisting the magical water-soluble thread with cotton thread. OBORO TOWEL has been making towels for more than 100 years and is very sensitive towards Japanese bath culture. They succeeded as a towel maker by producing a product with superior quality when compared to any competitor in the world. These three Japanese companies worked together and "The Magic Towel --- Air Kaol" was created.


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